A New (Updated) Application Using DeepStack

I have released a new application using DeepStack for security camera purposes. It called On Guard and is available on GitHub at: GitHub - Ken98045/On-Guard at OnGuardV3.0.1

There is also a new post at: https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/on-guard-version-3-0-release.61197/ I started to follow the application.

Note that while it is somewhat limited compared to Blue Iris and iSpy I do think that it adds many features that these applications don’t have. Also, it is fully compatible with Blue Iris (and to a lesser degree iSpy). Also (unlike Blue Iris lately), I will be supporting it and possibly adding new features upon request. It is not Blue Iris dependent.

The application is completely free of charge. It will support almost any ONVIF/HTTP compatible camera.

It will work (best) with the GPU mode of DeepStack. However, it can also work quite well with CPU versions of DeepStack. It leverages the motion detection (and any AI) in your camera to put a lot of the processing load back into the camera itself. You can also setup Blue Iris/iSpy to output suspected motion to .jpg pictures that can easily be analyzed further in CPU mode.

While previous version have been available for about 18+ months, this is a major rewrite with many added features. I hope you will try it and like it.