Activation code issue


When putting in the activation code, should there be any notification that it was accepted?

I’ve put mine in but on the website it still shows using 0 / none.


Thanks for calling our notice to this. It has been fixed. You can attempt to activate your DeepStack installation now. Do let us know if you encounter further problems.


HI, Im also having this problem. Is this something on the backend or am I doing something incorrectly?


Hi @CWestin , do you have the latest of DeepStack installed? What platform are you using; Windows or Docker? Have you made a previous activation before?


Thanks for the reply and my apologies for the lack of information.

I followed the getting started guide on for python using docker. So I started by pulling the latest CPU version of the Docker image.

After I run deepstack, i get the message to visit local host for activation.
I do so, I enter my (basic) activation code, I see dots moving, then they disappear.
I do not get a successful screen as shown in the DeepStack Python guide.

Clearly this is my first installation of DeepStack, so my apologies :slight_smile: The portal shows 0 activation’s


Hi @CWestin , apologies for the issues you are having activating. It has been resolved. You can now activate your DeepStack server without issues…


@OlafenwaMoses thanks so much. Its working now. Hopefully it helps others too :grinning:


You are most welcome. And thank you too. @CWestin