Activation Key limit exhausted after reinstalling ? How to reset?

I have just re-installed Deepstack (in docker) and when trying to use my activation key again, it says my limit is exhausted. I understand that I have only 1 activation key with free account, but how can I reset my single one so I can keep using it when re-installing my setup ?


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Hello @greg,

1) If you just re-installed DeepStack without re-installing your Docker installation or deleting your docker data volumes, your key should still be active if you add the line below to you start command every time you start DeepStack.

-v localstorage:/datastore
(This specifies the local volume where DeepStack will store all data)

2) If you completely re-installed Docker or deleted your Docker data storage volumes, you will have to visit your DeepStack dashboard on to upgrade to a higher subscription plan. Once you upgrade, visit your local DeepStack local dashboard (localhost) and click the Renew Subscription button.

Hi @OlafenwaMoses,

Yesterday after subsribing to the standard tier I removed the previous activation and re-add it,
For some reason it count it as 2nd activation, isn’t activitation purpose is number of running licences at a time?


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Thanks for calling our attention to this. On upgrade, your activations should reset to zero. We will fix this and update your activation details.


UPDATE: The update has been made to your activation. Do login to the DeepStack dashboard on to see the update.

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Hello, After initially incorrectly configuring my docker install without a valid volume mount I tired again this time with a correct volume only to receive the ‘Number of activations exhausted’ message.

How can I reset this?

P.S. I am on the free tier.

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is anyone able to help with this? cc @OlafenwaMoses .

Edit: to resolve this issue would it be possible to add a ‘regenerate key’ button? this would stop any existing keys from working and get a new key to stop this issue from happening.

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Hello @apt . Your activation key has been reset. Ensure you follow the instructions carefully when activating your DeepStack installation.

To activate more installations and access advanced APIs like unlimited faces recognition, Custom Recognition APIs, Security and more, upgrade your DeepStack account to a higher subscription plan. Visit the link below.

Many thanks @OlafenwaMoses. Would my suggestion of a reset button make sense?

We do not intend to provide a reset button. For now, only one free activation is allowed. You will need to upgrade your subscription plan to have more activations.

I feel you misunderstand. The reset button is not to obtain more activations but to generate a new single activation code for the free tier. Existing codes would be invalid so only one code would be used at any one time. This would stop the issue that I, and maybe others encounter.

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I ran into this today. I previously used one activation in a Docker container then disposed of the container and started over. Despite no existing running servers using the key, I cannot use the activation key to start a fresh Docker container.

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Can help to reset my activation key as i trying to reinstall after some computer issue and trying out different os? thanks

I have the issue as well. I tried playing with this in May buy gave up on it. The VM it was on is gone and I’m trying to install on a new vm. Can you reset mine please?

I have the same issue. I previously played with DeepStack on docker, but I have since wiped all of that and started over when I got a new PC. Today I installed DeepStack on Windows and tried to use the key, but couldn’t. I only want to use it on a single device.

yes, this is weird. I stuffed up a docker image, got it working and now I cant use free tier?

Effectively punished for making an install mistake, lol

Hello everyone, kindly note on the free tier, only 1 activation is supported and it is per instance. Always take note of this before disposing your existing installations.

If you desire to activate more instances, kindly upgrade your DeepStack subscription to the paid tiers. The paid tiers starts for as low as $9 per month. Visit for more details on extra features on the paid plans.

I agree with @APT

you are using an activation limit to force to a paid tier simply cause we reinstalled your software… lol

so its not a ‘free tier’ is it… its a demo with potentially a single use lol

@apt , @jimda , @toddw65 , @Darbos , @lchunleo , @martinthomas , @robmarkcole

Hello everyone, we have decided to support unlimited instances activation for the Free Tier. Now you can activate as many installations and re-installations of DeepStack with access to the free features.

Thanks for your patience and feedback.

thanks guys, works great

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