Algorithm used by DeepStack - out of curiosity

Out of curiosity, what algorithm is being used by DeepStack? Is it neural networks, deep forest, KNN, Symbolic regression, else? I’ll appreciate any details that can be shared - just to understand better the environment I’m operating in, which I like very much.


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I would also like to know more from the experts. But I can say with confidence that the custom models are trained using a yolov5 algorithm, which is neural networks if im not mistaken.

my quick search on yolov5 gave this article h
which somewhat explains more about yolov5 in terms of …

Model Architecture
Activation Function
Optimization Function
Cost Function or Loss Function
Weights, Biases, Parameters, Gradients, and Final Model Summary

you’ll probably find more/better

thanks @shallowstack for replaying that fast and make it a thread :wink: Let’s see if others join…