Always getting 404 in API

I am trying to run a custom model. I have tried docker and windows and no matter what, I always get a 404 when trying to use the API. Going to the basic webpage does work though. I also tried the built-in models and get the same issue,

anyone? I don’t see anything wrong, but maybe there is?

Replies on this forum are slow, I would suggest looking at the forum at for a quicker response.

They have a section for BlueIris and a subsection for AI. If you post this there they might be able to help you. I haven’t started on making my own models so I can’t figure out why you’re getting a 404 unfortunately.

Have you tried the previous 2021 version? I was having issues with the 2022 GPU version, might be a similar problem.

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Thanks for the info. No I haven’t tried it, but I will now.

@dbinott2 I think the problem is from the request method you have in the Postman. Change it to POST from GET and try again.

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