Blueiris deepstack alert cancelled

hello need help.
I cant get blueiris to work with deepstack. keeps saying, DeepStack: Alert Cancelled [DeepStack: _1] 0ms
can anyone help

It dose show it working, as you can see in the command Prompt.

What is the issue? The Alert is the Blue Iris term for the triggering of a camera. An alert can both be triggered (Interesting object detected) and canceled (objects of interest no longer found).

So the log is just saying that Deepstack found no objects of interest, and cancelled the camera Alert/trigger/recording or whatever you have set up the camera to do on alerts.

So this is from my point of view totally normal. You seem to need help with Blue Iris and not deepstack as it seems to run fine. If you need more help i would suggest heading to the Blue Iris forums or IP camtalk, where there’s much more expertise on Blue Iris to help you.

thanks for you input/help. but i have worked it out. i have dahua cameras and the motion detection was on, so i login (web browser, of the camera) and turn off everthing to do with motion detection and IVS. and it work great now. but i have a dahua PTZ with auto tracking, so i needed to turn off the auto tracking for it to work.