Calling vision/face/register more than once

When calling the register accesspoint a second time for a userid, I get reply “updated”. Does this mean that the first image was removed?

I am making an application which scans for faces in photographs, and when the user identifies a face and I already have that person registered I want to add this “new” face/photo to the list of faces for this person.

Is there any way I can “add” a face, or must I re-assemble all photos for this person and call register again?


PS. According to Registering faces this is the way it works. I think this is a flaw that should be fixed. btw when will the code be open sourced? :wink:

@John can add more insight, but essentially the more images (e.g. from different angles) of a face you can add, the better. For each face a vector is calculated, then for new images this vector is calculated and compared to the vectors on record. If there is a close match then a face is recognised

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