Can DeepStack be used to recognize changes in state?

My front door has a thumb turn lever that operates the dead bolt. When the door is unlocked the lever on the deadbolt is vertical; when the door is bolted the lever is horizontal. …like the one in this photo:


If I set up an HD camera such that it captures the vertical/horizontal state of this lever, is there a way to use DeepStack to discern the current locked/unlocked state of the front door? Ultimately I’d want to be able to create an entity in Home Assistant with the states locked/unlocked/other. I have Blue Iris and MQTT configured, if that helps.

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yes, pretty sure this is easy (to succeed at least, maybe some work to create). just create a custom model. follow the tutorials on this to label several of your images (locked vs unlocked), train the model using the labeled dataset, then run the custom model.

it should work very well if the lock takes up enough pixels, and the lighting is decent.

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