Can you access the Deepstack .DAT json file - I am using Blue Iris


Can you access the Deepstack .DAT json file?
If so where is it located?
Do you have to have the box ticked to save the DS Analysis or is this just for when testing & viewing in BI. I understand quite CPU intensive.

Using Blue Iris & Deepstack
Trying to do the best Licence Plate recognition, pretty good but not perfect especially at night

What I would like to do it grab the data for the x number of real times images,
e.g 10 frames, get the image with the highest % & then send that to PlateRecognizer

At the moment BI detects motion and a long as DS says licence plate it sends the first BI frame, not often the best.

Thanks I/A

You have probably got this sorted by now but I too found it difficult to understand & get working. The *.dat files should be in the \Alerts dir on a Windows PC under the BI install. If you open the BI Stats windows (The raising graph on the main window top bar) you cab drag the dat file into the open window and it tells you loads of stuff. Now I have to figure out how to add ‘known faces’ to it!!