CPU Minimum Support

Does DeepStack need minimum Intel Core i5 processor to run properly?
I have a Mini PC with Intel Celeron J4125, but after trying to post image it would not work.

Hi @jhonny, there is no minimum hardware spec for DeepStack to run.

What version of DeepStack did you install and on what operating system?

I tried on i7 6700, which didn’t work either.

Since it was a fresh windows installation on both PC, I downloaded and installed all Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (All Versions), and that did the trick! Now it works normall

I used DeepStack Windows version

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I am unable to get DeepStack to load the python part on my pc. I have a HP 290 with Celeron G4900 3.1 ghz. Do i have any chance of getting this to work on it - that is my security camera pc so would be great to get AI working with Blue Iris on it.