Credit Card Payment Issues


I’ve been trying to upgrade my plan up to standard to test the gpu version’s performance, but your payment provider (paystack) just wouldn’t accept any of my credit cards. First of all, it only accepts VISA (so my amex and discover cards are not even supported), but even then it seems to be requiring some sort of additional security measures to be supported by the banks, which I don’t think would work with American banks. So I’m at a complete loss here, willing to pay, but am not able to because of your poor choice of the payment provider (unless you’re not targeting US based users).

My sincere apologies for the issues you are having with the payment process. Kindly send an email to me via with

  • details of the plan you want to purchase and
  • the number of months.

@achurak Thanks for your patience. Our payment processing have been update. You should be able to make payments with your Visa card without issues.