Deep, cpu, GPU ,nvidia, power, py, command no file, localhost ,not working

does deep stack command window need to be kept opened,
and likewise the PowerShell window, does it needs to be kept opened with python.


i must being missing some thing, trying to do get started
Using DeepStack with NVIDIA GPUs | DeepStack v1.2.1 documentation

how do i store the pictures/ register etc, and where ? , are my command correct ?
re below.
response =“http://localhost:80/v1/vision/face/register”,
going to browser http://localhost/v1/vision/face/register
comes up error 404, no file or directory
any help would be good (agent dvr set intelligent set localhost:80)
got three pictures in p:/agentmodels as per doc’s get started.

@royavatar Please do the following

  • Run DeepStack start command in a PowerShell window and don’t close it
  • Use the DeepStack PythonSDK [ ] to send images to DeepStack and use a different PowerShell window that’s different from the one you use to run DeepStack itself.

Thank you will try above.