Deep stack Logs?

Hi Guys

Well done on imageAi and Deepstack! - interested to see where it goes.

Have an issue where calls to local deepstack /detection timeout.
Stop/start server doesn’t resolve. Restarting computer does.
Not sure where the issue is, my end/port or yours.
Seems to happen after about 24 hours of constant running/queries.
On one occasional re-authenticating resolved.

Are there any way to enable logging with the windows version to see what is happening with the deepstack?


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Hi @Ghawken, Thanks for using DeepStack. Over the past few weeks, we have been making some key enhancements to deepstack to improve the overall user experience and the speed. We are wrapping up work on this and would soon update the docker, windows and raspberry pi version to fix many of the issues you just mentioned.

Logging is a priority for us in the coming update.


Look forward to the update.


Thanks again,

Further to this found was issue if invalid image sent - would make DeepState unresponsive to any further requests until forced closed all conhost and python tasks and restarted.

Received a {“success”:False, “error”:“invalid image”} - message and then unresponsive to further requests.

Worked around by validing images with img.verify() but also transforming image as additional test of validity.

My 2 cents is think issue lies here:
Line: 728
if os.path.exists(TEMP_PATH + img_id):
os.remove(TEMP_PATH + img_id)

If exists, but os.remove fails as locked/file in-use, inaccessible, still writing file etc. would cause similar result.
I have had to try/except os.remove in my code for this very reason.