Deep Stack window not responding to keyboard (Windows 10)

Hello, I am totally new to this so sorry if this is a dumb question. I’m trying to install Deep Stack on Windows 10. It installs fine, when I open it I get this window.

From there I assume I type in commands as stated in the documentation but when I press keys on the keyboard nothing happens, it’s completely unresponsive. Am I doing something wrong?

that is just showing the log of the deepstack server, which is now running!

type commands in another window (cmd, powershell,etc.), to send images to this server, and you will see the actions that have occurred listed in this first window.

note- your server doesn’t look like it started a detection api (ex. vision-detection for objects), so check your settings / options when you start the server.

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@NathanKIrwin, as @shallowstack mentioned, what you are seeing after running the DeepStack commands are just logs.

To communicate with DeepStack APIs, you can start with sending images by using the Python SDK. Visit the link below to get started.