Deepstack already activated

Deepstack image on Docker in Windows 10
Took about 8 attempts to run the image before I was able to get the Deepstack web page to come up on localhost. I did not get the activation page. It stated that DeepStack was Activated.
Is it that Deepstack was already activated when the image was created?
If not, how do I get to the activation page to enter my activation key?

Thank you.

i too am having this “problem”. Unable to reach /v1/vision/detection, not sure if the activation has anything to do with it.

You guys need the noavx version.
“image: deepquestai/deepstack:noavx”
I can’t believe that a complete noob like me is providing advice on the deepstack forums. These forums are dead.

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i just figured this out 5 mins ago and came back to reply lol. Thnx though lol

Hi i have the same problem i m installing noavx version but it s dont work
http://localhost:80/v1/vision/detection dont work
Have you an idea ?