Deepstack BI Issue

Having an issue with one of my cameras that no matter what I change keeps seeing an outdoor couch as a person. If anyone has any input/suggestions/fixes as to why it is seeing the furniture as a person, it would be greatly appreciated, its been driving me nuts. Running the latest BI, latest Windows CPU version of deepstack and the default models. Camera is an Axis M3116-LVE
This happens in daylight and night time mode, daylight is color, night time is IR B/W , does it with default models, and custom dark models. Sorry I don’t have any custom models, I just recently wiped everything relating to the camera for like the 8th time in order to try and resolve this issue.

another example

and another example

this is pretty common with trees, furniture, and other objects. and usually u’d put a software ‘mask’ on the area, which will still show the image area, but doesn’t allow a ‘person’ object detection to confirm when its the object detected is located inside the mask. but in your case, it might be an area that a person actually is located in. for an easy solution, maybe try some blankets to change the shape / contrast and see if that helps? occasionally I move toys/chairs if things combine in a way that confuses the default deepstack model.

Hello, add some BI overlays over the detected object. Some that not block the image. You can create a snapshot and edit in PS and then import to BI to fit in the frame. I would start with bloquing that creases in furniture.