DeepStack & Blue Iris

Hello all. I am new here and I am hoping someone can help. I am trying to get DeepStack to work with Blue Iris. I am running the windows version of DeepStack as i tried on a ubuntu but couldn’t get it to work wit AI Tools. But the problem i am having is when ever i run DeepSrtack on the same computer as Blue Iris. It max’s out my CPU to 100% and when i turn it off. It goes back down to 30%. Does anyone know why this is happing and how i can fix it. I have been at this who DeepStack/Blue Iris thing for a few days now.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @bmyers, We are currently working on a new Windows version and it will be available this weekend.

On the issue with CPU usage, what is the specs of the machine you are using?

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@OlafenwaMoses I am very appreciative of the capability you and John are providing. I’m a new user and I’m a bit uncertain about the direction I should be taking. I’ve read elsewhere that you are focusing on the Docker version, perhaps even to the extent of deprecating the Windows version. With the soon-to-be-released Windows version, will that have all the features of the Docker version? If so, is there s performance gain with the Docker version?

Essentially, my question is whether I should quit the Windows version in favor of Docker? (There would be a substantial learning curve for me to implement Docker on Windows, but it would be worth it if that’s needed to optimize Deepstack.)


Hi @OlafenwaMoses, I am running a ESXI on a Dell PowerEdge R620 with 64GB of ram. I have DeepStack and Blue Iris running on a win 10 pro VM with 6vCPUs with 16GB of Mem.

make sure you have everything configured correctly on Blue Iris.
If you want to reduce CPU usage, you can use less FPS for the preview, configure the waiting time to take another picture and the sensitivity of the motion detector.
If it’s taking too many pictures when motion is detected, that will use more CPU.
I’m not an expert on Blue Iris but I’ve also read that if you run it as a server, meaning the software is closed but running in the background, it uses even less resources.

Hi @mrpie, I do have Blue Iris configured correctly, or as far as I know I do. When just Blue Iris is running. My CPU usage is only 16%. But when i start the DeepStack on windows. It jumps my CPU up tp 100%. My fps is set to 15fps for sub stream and main stream. I did notice that it does take alot of pictures. So I will adjust the waiting time to take less. I didn’t think about the processing of the pictures bogging it down. I will look in to this. Thanks for the suggesting that.

Thank You.

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The biggest performance gain on Blue Iris is to ensure you are using the secondary video stream for motion detection and alerts which is lower resolution and then this provides Deep Stack with a lower resolution image for detection. Doing so will cut your CPU by more than half.

The recording can be set to record both streams if you are using the Blue Iris recording file types so playback will be at the higher resolution.