Deepstack wanting to use disabled nic card

Have been running Deepstack (Windows) with Blue Iris for about 6 months. A few months ago, I added another nic card to my computer (the dell one was POS.) It seems that Deepstack wants to use the NIC on the motherboard and not my new one. If I disable the nic, Deepstack will not launch. Nothing is using the nic card, but Deepstack.

Action taken…

Removed and re-installed
Removed last months version and installed older version
Removed the nic from device manager and rebooted and disabled it.

All works ok, if I re-enable the m/b nic card. My network is fine and it seems Deepstack is the only app wanting to use this nic. How can I tell Deepstack NOT to use the m/b nic card?

Why does Deepstack want to use a disable nic card?