Deepstack web UI

Hi all
I am working on a web UI for deepstack, any feedback let me know :slight_smile:


Wow! I love this. It would serve as convenient way to graphically use deepstack. I would be happy to reference this in the official documentations. What is the intended feature coverage for the UI?

Well it is a WIP, but the plan is to let non technical users quickly see the results for test images. They could see and compare the effect on performance of the LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH flags for example

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That’s cool. The performance example is an excellent use case for it. Registering faces graphically is possible but obviously more complex.

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Hi @john and @robmarkcole,
I’m using deepstack for a couple weeks now and trained about 150 faces for our family members.
I use frigate person detection (RESTAPI) to get and send the image to deepstack. The result is confidence:0 and userid: unknown.
When I send the same image via deepstack-ui I get confidence 60% or above depending on the image of the person.
Does the deepstack-ui do any data preparation which I have to take into account before sending the image from frigate to deepstack?

Issue is solved. It was related to a setting in the deepstack face register node i used for sending the image.

tnx@ robmarkcole. deepstack-ui is a great help when getting started with deepstack.