Delay in processing first image


I’m running deepstack windows gpu
GPU Asus GTX970
I have BI and I use the AI Tool to start the deepstack instances.

All works fine BUT always when the first image is processed there is a delay. Once flowing then they are processed very fast.

For example, if there is an interval of a few minutes with no activity and then a camera fires a snapshot at intervals of 200ms.
The first one will take 150-400ms, but then they only tale 55-80ms.

So seems to me it takes a while to wake up the system or something. Everything is on max power, nothing sleeping.

Someone did mention this has been a past issue, is it still an issue?

What do you suggest?


Am I alone in experiencing this issue? Something delaying my gpu on my pc possibly?


Where can i see this log ?

This is the AITool data