Detect more common animals that are not in a zoo

I posted this as a comment to another thread, but I wanted to discuss it more directly.

It’s surprising that DeepStack detects Elephants and Giraffe but not more common animals like deer/elk, rabbits, fox, etc

We have 21 cameras on our rural property and our land is swarmed with deer, jack rabbits, red fox, bobcats, etc, so using DeepStack is just not an option for us unless we have a herd of stampeding Elephants running across the land.

I’m sure it’s probably difficult to detect all specific animals, but it would be at least nice to have a fuzzy detection that something is more than likely an animal. I would like to avoid vehicles and just detect people and animals, but as it stands, that’s not going to be possible, so I’ll have to stick with Blue Iris’ built in detection and hope DeepStack gets more fine grained detection in future.


It’s not difficult, already done but can’t be used with deepstack so far: MegaDetector

Please work on it with priority:

Have a look up to see where the developers are and then you may understand.

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I would also like to see more common animals added.

Deer, squirrel, raccoon, opossum would be my top choices. They are frequently tagged as other animals, but if a miss one deer my garden could get wiped out. I made a deer model that works when tested, but isn’t doing much in the app.

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Please check this response.

Turns out I had ai tool set incorrectly and my deer model is working now. As to Moses’ reply, I’m sure we are just hoping someone else will do the modeling as it’s a bit tedious and a few of the included choices might not see much action.

Can you share this model?

The latest version tagged a spider web and moth as deer, so I’m gonna drop back a version and test. I will share it when I get something usable.

EDIT: This one is working so far. I’ll trade ya for a squirrel.

Still had problems with spider webs, so I’m trying model yolov5l. Doesn’t seem much slower to me.
It’s more accurate with my test files, but won’t know for sure until RL at night.

yolov5l version