Detection endpoint not activated

Hi - I have recently configured a RPi3B+ with an NCS2 and although I had a few issues at first (the Buster version I installed didn’t seem to work), I think I have things working now.

However, I keep getting a Detection endpoint not activated error when it is in fact activated. I have gone to the localhost activation page and entered the activation code and it confirms it is activated with 710 days left of activation. I have tried hitting renew activation several times with no luck. I did get it working once (not sure what I did) but as soon as I rebooted the pi, it started erroring again.

I have read that if you add -v localstorage:/datastore it will read the activation details from local storage however that is Docker related from what I can tell and doesn’t relate to the RPi image. Does the RPi image have a similar requirement?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


To add to this, it seems I can get it to work using object detection - it is the face detection that isn’t working. Am I wrong in thinking the free basic now includes access to all the APIs? ie, VISION-FACE=True should also work? Or have I misunderstood?

Actually I think I have worked out what I was doing wrong. I was calling /v1/vision/detection instead of /v1/vision/face when using VISION-FACE=True. When I use /v1/vision/face it works correctly. The error was confusing me.