Docker on Photon - Newb Questions

I’ve been an IT professional for 30 years, and have spent the last 7 years building and configuring vmware virtual environments for manufacturing companies. So, I’m not a “tech” newb. Far from it.

However, I am a complete docker and photon vm newb. But I can be taught!

I’m desperate to get my my Blue Iris install working correctly with ai tool and deepstack, because 2 months ago somebody burned our American Flag on our porch at midnight, and he’s still on the loose…I want to be alerted the next time somebody walks up to my front door at midnight!!

But the windows 10 vm I built on my esxi host seemed to struggle to run all three of them. So after 2 months of trying to make those 3 work on a single vm, this morning I spun up a brand new Photon VM on my esxi host to run deepquestai/deepstack.

I did the following:

  • docker run --restart always -d -p 80:80 vmwarecna/nginx - the webserver was installed and started running, I can get to the Photon front page by typing that url / port into a browser on any machine on my network.
  • docker run /deepquestai/deepstack:latest - got deepquest installed
  • docker run --restart always -e VISION-DETECTION=True -v localstorage:/datastore -p 80:5000 --name deepstack deepquestai/deepstack:cpu-x6-beta

Now I have some Docker questions:

  1. when I was testing, I didn’t use the “–restart always” switch for deepstack. It showed the verbose output, and I could see how much time things were taking, etc. But the only way I could enter another command was to ctrl+c “out” to a prompt. Now that I’ve run it with the “–restart always” switch, it doesn’t show the verbose output. How do I show that output?
  2. Upon reboot of the photon vm, deepstack doesn’t start, and I have to run “docker start deepstack” to get it to start. I thought “–restart always” meant “always”??

Photon questions:

  1. Any way to copy/paste text to the command prompt in photon? I tried setting up the vm like this, but I still can’t paste anything from my PC to the vm (opened in the vmware remote console)
  2. Is there another way to access the photon vm than the vmware remote console? I read something about adding a user (in photon, from the command line), then editing a file, then you can ssh in, but…???

Blue Iris / Ai Tool questions:

  1. After wading thru 112 pages of ai tools setup in the ipcamtalk forum, I’m no closer to getting my setup to alert me via a single text that has a relevant image, so that I know to check my recording and see what’s going on. Any tips on using a single camera stream, or how to get my hd camera stream to send photos to the aiinput folder so ai tools can send good quality images to deepstack? My sd stream sends really poor quality images and I’m thinking that deepstack is missing the people that it’s supposed to be finding.


Yeah; I’m desperate to get this working.

Hello @wilddoktor.
Sorry to hear about the flag. I will attempt to replicate some of the issues you mentioned with regards to the photon vm and reach back on possible solutions.

On docker, you can run docker with the -d flag to run in daemon mode, for example

 docker run -d --restart always -e VISION-DETECTION=True -v localstorage:/datastore -p 80:5000 --name deepstack deepquestai/deepstack:cpu-x6-beta

you can see the logs by running

docker container logs deepstack

To restart the container on reboot, you need to use

--restart unless-stopped

Full run example for this is

 docker run -d --restart unless-stopped always -e VISION-DETECTION=True -v localstorage:/datastore -p 80:5000 --name deepstack deepquestai/deepstack:cpu-x6-beta

About Blue Iris, i recommend this excellent tutorial

Looking forward to DeepStack helping in your use case

Thank you! I tried what you suggested: “docker run -d --restart unless-stopped always -e VISION-DETECTION=True -v localstorage:/datastore -p 80:5000 --name deepstack deepquestai/deepstack:cpu-x6-beta” but somehow the command kept erroring out.

However, I did get a reply elsewhere to try the command:

docker logs -f deepstack

Sure enough, this allows me to monitor the deepstack container. Success!

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