FireNET model on nvidia jetson nano

please i need help. I followed the instructions properly on how to use firenet and custom models on nvidia jetson nano. All the installations were successful, however when i try to detect an image, i get this error “Aborted(core dumped)”

here is some more log

Limit: 58179584
InUse: 52598784
MaxInUse: 56780800
NumAllocs: 327
MaxAllocSize: 7958016
Reserved: 0
PeakReserved: 0
LargestFreeBlock: 0
2021-12-24 12:28:02.293116: W tensorflow/core/common_runtime/] *******************************______**********************************************************xxxxx
2021-12-24 12:28:02.577044: F ./tensorflow/core/kernels/random_op_gpu.h:246] Non-OK-status: GpuLaunchKernel(FillPhiloxRandomKernelLaunch, num_blocks, block_size, 0,, key, counter, gen, data, size, dist) status: Internal: unspecified launch failure
Aborted (core dumped)

Hi @CaptainVee have you trained a new FireNET custom model or you are trying to use the existing model trained with ImageAI? The ImageAI model won’t work with DeepStack. Please visit the link below on how to train and deploy custom model with DeepStack.

Thanks for clarifying.