Goodbye, thanks for the hard work!

I’ve been developing an app using DeepStack for a couple of years (on and off). However, sadly, I’m going to have to go over to CodeProject.AI.

I know that people need to make a living, so I’ve tried to be patient on getting issues resolved. However, waiting 7+ months for what seems be a relatively simple fix for a breaking change (Windows/GPU) is just too much for me.

BTW, CodeProject.AI does work fine using the latest CUDA. They probably have problems of their own, but there does seem to be active development going on.

Thanks again for your hard work!

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hi @Ken98045, tried that integration for 2-3 hours after reading your post, my impression is that CodeProject.AI is a clone (or fork) of the DeepStack, it suffers from lots of issues,
Endpoints, Enivornment Variables (configuration), Request / Response objects, data store is exactly the same.

CodeProject.AI is not supporting CUDA the way DeepStack is, although modules are being loaded to thoughout the NVIDIA memory, processing is being done using the CPU.

the only difference in terms of features is related to the UI, it has an extensive UI which allows testing and managing data easily.

@OlafenwaMoses, I would check if they cloned your business and “selling” it out for free…

Actually, DeepStack does not support current CUDA drivers, at least for me. I waited for 7 months for DeepStack January version to work my NVidia/CUDA. I posted several topics/post replies about this very issue. You must be aware of this.

The CodeProject version supported current CUDA drivers on the initial install with zero problems (although a very slow install).

Yes, the CodeProject stuff did definitely fork/start with/leverage DeepStack from what I can tell. However, the have several developers that are actively working on the project.

Theirs works, yours doesn’t. I do not say this to be mean. I know that you are trying to make a living. Again, I do thank you for all your hard work!

It is very possible/probably that I will run into problems with the CodeProject version. I would love to come back to DeepStack. However, I do need CUDA to work.

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I’m running on the latest version of drivers, I actually raised that topic once latest version was released I has the same issue as you did and suggested solution (without need for additional release),
below is a link to the specific thread:

this is not my business, I raised it for @OlafenwaMoses (who actually own that business) to check if there is violation as the code is 100% clone (checked it) with additional features,
I personally don’t like the idea that someone cloned the code and didn’t (at least) credit the one who created it.

NVIDIA Driver & CUDA versions:

I am not familiar with all the DeepStack licensing terms. However, I will say that one main purpose of Open Source software is to provide a baseboard that others can build on. If someone does that it seems totally legitimate if proper credit is given to the originator. This is particularly the case when the original project appears abandoned for months on end.

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Leave aside the license, I guess you are not a developer, if someone took your code and clone it without trying to hide it and not giving a credit, that is dirty,
You wouldn’t want someone to get recognized for something he/she didn’t do, that is purly unfair for the one that really invested efforts into that,
Hope you get what i’m trying to say.

Btw, from the lack of response by @OlafenwaMoses, i guess that project is dead…

Actually, I have been a developer since 1985! If you can beat that let me know!

As long as they gave me credit for the code or the inspiration for the code I would have zero problem with that. I do know that in several spots the CodeProject does reference DeepStack by name.

'What CodeProject has done is take a project that was (1) non-functional in key features (2) Had almost zero support that severely crippled the project (3) Had almost zero or months late feedback from the original developer and appeared largely dead.

C/odeProject has taken that code base and actually made it work. They are actively working on making the DeepStack functionality better. They are actively working on it. There are checkins almost weekly.

I am NOT saying that the CodeProject people shouldn’t be more in your face about giving DeepStack clear credit and profound thanks.

Keep in mind that the CodeProject spinoff is NOT a commercial product. They are NOT making money from it now, and I don’t see any indication that they plan to.

Finally, if some other party had taken DeepStack for commercial purpose, this is not uncommon. For instance, look at the number of products that take the free FFMepg project, add a layer or two, and then sell that product.