Gpu-noavx Activation

I’ve installed the deepquestai/deepstack:gpu-noavx version. When I insert my activation key it tells me that the gpu version requires a premium key.
The deepstack website states that the gpu version is free, so what’s going on?


Hi, I have encountered this problem also. Please could you advise if a premium key is required for this version, or should it be free to use like the gpu with avx version?

Thank you for the excellent service that you are providing!

Seems like the this specific version has a problem with the free keys.
It is likely the free keys are not “premium” and I guess we have to wait for a docker image update - since we dont have github source yet we cant build it ourselves ;(

Have the same issue here. Isn’t source supposed to be available soon?

If we could get an equivalent of the gpunightly with noavx that’d be great. gpunightly doesn’t seem to need a key.