GPU version is now 29$/M


Can you share with us way the sudden change without notice prior to that?
I’m using it for non-commercial usage with 1-2 cameras at home… why do I need to pay 29$ for a month? isn’t it too much?

Are you planning to add more packages for lighter usage?
Same as Free package with GPU Acceleration


Hello ,

Thanks for starting this thread. Initial versions of DeepStack were provided free for Beta testings to ensure the product is best optimized. The versions available now are the stable and well optimized version.

Also, we are a Startup that is on a mission to provide easy to setup, integrate and self-managed AI solutions. Due to the costs of developing and maintaining DeepStack and its entire ecosystem, we need to charge some amounts on production grade features to keep us running and innovating. Formal announcements on these changes will be done tomorrow.

A Free Plan is available with basic features provided. We currently don’t have plans to add a free version with GPU support.

thanks for the very quick response!

@robmarkcole developed an integration into HA, i extended it a bit (still waiting to hear from you if you would like to review the changes) to support more features for HA users,
I didn’t ask it for free, a bit lower tier that will allow HA users that uses it for home usage, usally running it for 1-2 cameras,
I purchased a week ago a GPU, it cost me ~500$ just because I was relaying on your solution, again not for free,
a lower price with less features that are not usally related to HA users will bring more customers.

During the Beta in addition to all that participate in Rob’s thread, I raised 3 issues:

  • bugged version deployed prior to v3.1
  • loading faces every time - performance
  • unprotected block that crashed the API

pretty sure based on that feedbacks from the community you stabilized it version by version,
I’ll quote @john in HA forum in response to one of the issues I found (including posting the line and the reason):

I don’t expect to get a prize for that, but I do hope that you will find the way so HA user will be able to use it in more affordable pricing for the GPU version.


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Thanks very much for your response . We have received a number of feedback on the pricing and will be making changes to it in the next 24 hours. Watch out for the updates.

We will surely love to review your changes to the Home Assistant integration.

The latest versions of DeepStack has been optimized with most of the performance and RAM consumption issues resolved. All the issues you listed have been resolved.

As promised, DeepStack will be open sourced and it will be happening soon.

Thanks a lot for reconsidering it, waiting for an update

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thanks a lot, you are amazing!!!

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You are most welcome .

If you would like, we can move it to another thread in the forum, please let me know

@OlafenwaMoses, @john, @robmarkcole
you can find the repo with the changes I applied in:

on top of the original integration I made the following changes:

  • Removed by default displaying response time
  • Support admin/api keys
  • Support face endpoints - list, register, recognize, delete
  • Support backup / restore endpoints
  • Added SSL flag to define whether the URL should be accesible with HTTPS, by default (since there’s no support for that :slight_smile:) it set to False

HA Events:

  • EVENT_DETECT_FACE - when face found and in the confidence level defined
  • EVENT_UNKNOWN_FACE_DETECT - when face is found but not recognized or lower than confidence level

HA Services:

  • Change confidence level (default is 80), I use it when there’s no light to reduce the level by 5 precent
  • Display response time (True / False)
  • Register face (name and path)
  • Delete face (name)
  • Backup (available only if admin_key provided)
  • Restore (available only if admin_key provided)

host: !secret deepstack_host (Required)
port: !secret deepstack_port (Required)
ssl: !secret deepstack_is_ssl (Optional)
admin_key: !secret deepstack_admin_key (Optional)
api_key: !secret deepstack_api_key (Optional)
unknown_directory: !secret deepstack_unknown_faces_directroy


  • platform: deepstack
    scan_interval: 1
    • entity_id: !secret deepstack_camera_entity_id
      name: !secret deepstack_camera_name

Really great. I see you have added support for security features as well.