High, Medium, Low Explanation

Can anyone give an explanation of the “Performance” setting?

It’s obviously not speed, as “High” is slower than “Low”.

So what does “High performance” mean, when it’s slower than “Low performance” - does this mean “Low” is less accurate, but faster?

it’s just confusing that “High Performance” means slower speed…

Hello @Nick_W
The HIGH mode means higher accuracy but lower speed, the MEDIUM is the default setting offering a good tradeoff, while the LOW means lower accuracy but highest speed.

We shall be sure to address this issues in the documentation for DeepStack.
It is naming problem as to whether we should name it according to the accuracy it delivers or according to the speed.


Speed Modes
For speed modes, add –MODE mode (where mode can be High , Medium and Low ) to your command as seen in the sample below

deepstack --VISION-DETECTION True --MODE High --PORT 80

This is a little confusing given your explanation. Should it not be accuracy mode not speed mode?