How do you get an activation code now?

Based on some posts I’ve read, it looks like some of the newest beta releases fix the issue, right? But the Windows installer isn’t updated with that, so I’m now trying to install Docker on Win10 and install the beta within Docker. I’ll update if it works, so others have a reference to go by

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No docker is needed on Windows.

The latest version is 0.2 beta, click on “Assets” and you will find .exe installers for both CPU and GPU versions, just download whichever you need.

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@JesseJones Kindly download and install the latest Windows version ( CPU and GPU support) via the link shared by @MissMusic. Details on using these versions can be found in the latest documentation linked below.

I have the same issue on RPI4 (with NCS2). I have installed as described here:



After installation I open http://localhost at see the screen with “Enter Actovation Key”, but all links lead to and nowhere is a way to get an activation key!?!

Please help


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Same here my friend!

Hoping to get started soon!

@OlafenwaMoses is usually quite active on this forum, hopefully he could provide an update?

Thanks all!


Hey Jesse, this was a response I received on a different forum and it solved all my problems. I deleted the version of deep stack and AI that I had on my PC and installed these latest versions. Now I can run deep stack directly through AI and works like a charm.

"You have a pretty old version of AITOOL by the looks.

If you are using the Windows version of Deepstack, upgrade to the latest CPU version:

Install the latest AITOOL version (Not in releases tab yet) AITool-
I have the zip file but it is not letting me add the attachment to this thread so hopefully you can find it by searching the file name. If that doesn’t work let me know and we will find another way to get you the file

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It sounds like the Rpi version is not updated recently

Would it be possible to update the noavx Docker version as well? An activation key is needed for that version as well.

Sounds like old images cluttering dockerhub that need pruning @john

Hey Tonkin,

Have you managed to make any progress? Looks like we are waiting for an update?

No … I will try again as soon as possible! If not I will do in on Docker on my NUC or on my Jetson Nano.

hi just the same for me

I do have exactly same issue. I have installed “Deepstack PI v1.0” on my RPI4, but it requares activation… Have you managed to activate it or update to v2 on rpi4?

Same problem here.

@CarpeDiemRo @royavatar Apologies for the late response.

We now have a new DeepStack version for Raspberry Pi + other ARM devices and it doesn’t require an activation key!. Check out the post linked below.

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Thank you very much. I have one more question. I’m using NCS2. I will still be able to use it if I will migrate to the latest version of the Deepstack on Raspberry Pi?

The latest version doesn’t support the Neural Compute Stick. Please visit the guide linked below for the recommended spec.

Hi, @OlafenwaMoses. Got it. I was wondering if I will be able to run on the same RPI, Home Assistant and Deepstack person recognition on 7 cameras as did untill now.

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@CarpeDiemRo yes, depending on the rate at which you are processing images. A Raspberry Pi with 4GB RAM is expected to give 800ms-1s processing time for object detection.

Thank you. So, you mean that is no or less difference in performance between native Deepstack with NCS2 and Docker Deepstack without NCS2 running on the Raspberry Pi in the same time with HA. Did I understand well?