How to continue train on Google Colab

I train ~7000 images for 25 classes on Google Colab pro, They allow me to continuously run for 24 hours,
Today I run the training model for 12 hours already but only 9/300 epoch done. The train may not finish in 24 hours then the Colab session will end with an unsuccessful process. How I can continue the trained model.

Thanks in advance.


Make sure to save the progress before your session ends. I’m running locally but i guess it’s the same deal.

Your data is saved in train-runs if you save that folder and copy it back in for your next set, you can resume the training with:
python3 --dataset-path “same-dataset” --resume

the trainier will find the work done in the train-runs folder and continue right after the last completed epoch.

Thank you for your suggestion. That is, what I look for.