Integration of DS on a Lorex NVR N841

I am new to this. I have installed at home 8 Lorex cameras hooked to a NVR Lorex N841.
I get so much false detections with the N841 because of shadows of trees moving, I am trying to find a solution to that. I of course activated the Smart Deterrence, called Lorex support a few times. All of that helped a little, but still a lot of false detections, trees moving, spiders, cats, snow flakes…Can I integrate DS somewhere in this setup to get better human and vehicule recognition without using something like BlueIris?

You’re in the exact same situation as I am. I also have a lorex system. Never bothered with motion detection alerts because I knew those were just prone to lots of false alarms. Not much can be done about that. What I’ve done recently though is exactly what you’re considering; using blue iris and deepstack for accurate person and vehicle detection. I’d recommend getting on youtube and searching “blue iris deepstack” and you should see a video from “The Hook Up”. Watch that and that’ll help you get everything set up. If you have a decent GPU I’d recommend using the GPU version of deepstack, however, the CPU version would work okay too.

Thanks Mitch for the info.
From your comment I conclude that I need BI, DS cannot be hooked directly to the N841. Am I right?

You’re correct. There might possibly be ways to send snapshots from the camera motion detected events to a folder on a NAS or something and write a script to pass those images into deepstack but that’s a bit above me and I just ended up going the blue iris route. But it was well worth it. I don’t use blue iris as a replacement to my NVR though. I prefer to keep my NVR for recording as the NVR is far more reliable when it comes to 24/7 recording of the high resolution cameras. I just use blue iris to monitor my camera feeds, detect motion in the regions I have set up on there, then pass those detected events into deepstack for analysis. Blue iris has a lot of options so it’s very versatile. You can profiles set up for different times of the day, you can clone cameras to do different types of detections or regions without using more resources, and even set up different types of alarms when a positive event is detected such as audible alarms, text/email, or even configure input/output ports to actuate external devices such as flood lights or a physical siren, etc.

I thought that it was an exclusive choice BI or NVR. I can be both, I like that. So I would disable all notifications from the Lorex NVR, because it is not reliable and keep it recording because the playback is easy to use and the image quality is good.
Then using the BI/DS team to manage the detection and create alerts. Doing it that way will not require a big disk on the team system, since it will only recors the detection sequences.
Anything wrong in my understanding of your approach description?

Nope, you got it. When you start getting things set up on it, under that record tab you’ll see you can set it to not record anything at all or record when triggered from an event (or more); I usually just set mine to record when triggered so if an event does happen then I can easily play it back in blue iris without actually using up too much storage.

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