Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick support


Is there a plan to support Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick?


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Yes, we are planning to add support for NCS in coming weeks.

How will the performance be using the Intel Neural Stick, compared to GPU and CPU?

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That question is too open ended - what CPU/GPU? I think its unreasonable to expect that the deepstack team can benchmark against every hardware permutation possible :slight_smile:

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Of course, some baselines for comparison must be used.
How about this.
Intel NCS vs Nvidia Gtx 1060?
Intel NCS vs intel i5 9600k?

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We are working on adding NCS support, we shall release some benchmarks once this is done.

Any news on this and /or a timeline?

Hi Is there now only support for the Ras. Pi or also for e.g. the Intel NUC?

The Raspberry Pi version works with the NCS. See full details and tutorial via the link below.

Thnx I know, my question is if it would work also on a NUC

Hello @deraaij DeepStack docker version should work out of the box on the NUC. Since the architecture and OS support is exactly same as standard PCs. The NUC isn’t really different from any other system, it is just in compact form. While untested, the docker version of deepstack should be able to run on it.

Thnx, just be sure with support for the Intel NCS2?

Hi, the docker version does not support the NCS, only the raspberry pi version is built with NCS support. Nvidia GPUs on linux is the only supported acceleration on for the docker version.

Installed and registered successfully on a Pi4, but requests hang indefinitely. Is Pi4 not currently supported?

Hello, DeepStack is tested on both Raspbian Strech and Buster. While all tests were done on a PI3, since PI4 is running on rasbian buster, it should work on it. Have you tried restarting the PI and see the response?

OK I had been using a slightly non-standard disk image. Switched to Buster desktop and everything running fine on pi4, with inferences taking around 2 seconds for the vision model and NCS1. Thanks!

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Btw I oreded a NCS2 (i.e. second gen stick), based on benchmarking we expect inferences to run in about half the time of NCS1, has anyone confirmed this?

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Also a request, I want to run deepstack in daemon mode on RPI, can you add ability to pass -d to the service call? e.g. sudo deepstack start "VISION-DETECTION=True" -d

However I think you have plans to standardise this across all platforms in which case dont worry

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@robmarkcole We plan to standardize the experience. DeepStack is untested with the NCS1, i am glad you did run it successfully with it. The NCS2 should provide better performance.

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Hi @john
I have a practical problem with using deepstack on the pi. Owing to the shape of the movidius stick it is necessary to use a USB hub to be able to connect both the stick and usb keyboard/mouse to the pi. However when using the USB hub the stick is not detected by deepstack and requests timeout. Is it possible:

  1. For deepstack to present an error if the stick is unreachable
  2. To run deepstack on pi over SSH (would require nohup or similar, I believe the implementation is already using nohup?)