Is DeepQuest Dead?

The web site hasn’t been updated since 2019.

The Enterprise Contact form here is “over Quota” and unusable, so no one is checking potential sales inquiries.

The latest “beta” image is months old, the latest NoAVX enterprise image is almost a year and a half old.

Does this project have a future?

See this comment from today (Oct 18th):

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I can assure users there is work progressing in the background and there will be news soon. All the maintainers have busy day jobs and families which take priority, but please bear with us

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Thanks for the update! I’m really happy to hear that things are moving forward!

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Hello, thanks for keeping faith with us. We have had some hiccups lately, however we are fully back on both development and community engagement and will be releasing a lot soon.

We just released a more improved version of deepstack cpu version with gpu release coming next week.

run deepquestai/deepstack:latest or deepquestai/deepstack:cpu-x4-beta

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Anyone having this problem?

AI Tool not able to send .jpg files to DeepStack. Error: Can’t reach DeepQuestAI Server at…

HomeAssistant running on Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V
Docker (DeepStack) on HomeAssistant
GentlePumpkin’s AITool

I’m setting up The Hook Up’s YouTube

I was hoping this beta version of DeepStack would’ve helped but no joy. Any help would be welcomed and very much appreciated!

Hello , can you share the full error message?

Hi John, Here ya go:

[21.10.2020, 23:42:18]: ERROR: Processing the following image ‘E:\aiinput\FrontLeft.20201021_232859803.jpg’ failed. Can’t reach DeepQuestAI Server at


Is port 83 correct?
Can you reach in a web browser?

Hello, i observe you are pinging /v1/vision/detection in your browser. This is a POST endpoint, hence the 404,

Please ping without the /v1/vision/detection

Note that, as this returned 404, deepstack is actually running.

Yes Sir. I get the main DeepStack page.


@john happy to hear you guys are fine and intend to push the project forward. I’ve been unable to upgrade my plan from basic to paid subscription. I tried 3 different cards (mastercard and visa) and none went through. Could you look into it please?

Hello, thanks for your interest in DeepStack. You do not need to upgrade anymore as DeepStack and all its features are entirely free now.
Simply install any of the images below.


Note also that there is no need for activation anymore. Again, DeepStack is free and will be open sourced soon.

@john, great to hear, thank you! I’m running deepstack on RPi + NCS2. Is there a way to unlock all features?

Hello, the current update is for the desktop versions, the rpi version will be updated in November with all features unlocked

@john , oh ok, thank you. Do you intend to maintain support of RPi + NCS2 in the future? Face recognition takes 600 ms, do you anticipate to cut it down on either jetson or coral platforms?

Yes we plan to. Support for Jetson is a top priority we intend to deliver this year. There is no time line for the coral yet.
On the speed, we have made significant improvements to the speed for the face apis in the latest deepstack update.
The RPI version will benefit from this changes as well and we plan to bring it to less than 200ms in the November release.

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@john, that’s so great to hear! Just ordered yet another RPI4 + NCS2 pair and looking forward to November!

Hello @sickidolderivative @brelay @aesterling @Tinbum @tinnov

I am happy to share DeepStack is now available for the Jetson.

See the announcement below for more details

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