KeyError: 'predictions' Clean Install arm64

I have a fresh install using the latest arm64.
The container starts up fine without any issues.
The deepstack api seems to receive the request but does not process.
Funny thing it its always 1m0s. Is this some kind of timeout? I dont see any errors elsewhere.
Any ideas?

[GIN] 2021/09/30 - 20:46:44 | 500 | 1m0s | | POST /v1/vision/detection
[GIN] 2021/09/30 - 20:48:48 | 500 | 1m0s | | POST /v1/vision/detection
[GIN] 2021/09/30 - 20:59:58 | 500 | 1m0s | | POST /v1/vision/detection

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 7, in
for object in response[“predictions”]:
KeyError: 'predictions

On what operating system and hardware did you install the arm64 version?

I get the same error on a 2021.09.1 CPU Windows version on a n nuc i3 using a custom model

This was Ubuntu 64 20.4. however this is in a container do you think the OS will affect it when the application stack is a docker?