.Limit on number of faces registered

Can someone explain why there is a limit on the number of faces that can be registered per person?
I started with 250 images and it gave me errors

    dsm.py -H localhost:777 register -p "../faces/east/" person1
{'success': False, 'error': 'error occured on the server', 'duration': 0}

However, after trying various different number of images, it seems like 25 is the maximum.

is there a way to increase this limit? In my use case, I am using some augmented images, so need to be able to use 100 or more. This is very frustrating.
Thank you!

I faced the same issue few months ago on my 4GB Jetson Nano. Submitting more than 25 pictures would make the device completely unresponsive. It seemed the limit was related to Nano’s limited resources. Please take a look on the following thread with valuable input from John and Robin:

Having moved to 8GB Jetson Xavier, I’ve been able to submit up to 80 photos in one request without freezing the device. Perhaps that’s something worth considering in your use case.

I’m not sure if this is the issue. My system has a 6GB GPU and 32GB of RAM
The error I received was within 5 seconds
I started at 250 images, then tried 100, then 50, 30 and it worked at 25

I’ll try again

It does not work for 26 images, but will work for 25