Localstorage - what is it exactly?

Hi, these are my first steps with deepstack and docker… I apologize in advance for any noob question :slight_smile:

Taken from this context:
docker run -e VISION-FACE=True -v localstorage:/datastore -p 80:5000 deepquestai/deepstack
So what is “localstorage” exactly?

I understand it is the volume on the host but where can I find it? Is it a predefined term for some ‘known’ path?
I’ve played a little with Docker volumes but used a full path on my host.
Can I just replace it with a full path?

My environment is:

  • Windows 10 Home Edition
  • WSL2
  • Docker for windows, Linux containers

Second question about “localstorage” is what is it actually being use for?


Ok, I now understand that the “localstorage” is just the name for a volume created in the docker’s internal volume list (docker volume ls).

So only my second question is still valid and while at, is it possible to access the volume to see what is there inside?
I tried through windows explorer -> \\wsl$\ but couldn’t locate the volumes there…

Hello @Qua204, this is used to permanently store your face recognition data so you don’t have to reregister faces between restart of DeepStack. There is nothing interesting to see there except a database file for your faces data.

On seeing the contents, you can copy the data of a volume to your local directory following instructions below.
Find your container name with docker ps, assuming your container name is deepstack-container, you can copy the contents as below.
sudo docker cp deepstack-container:/localstorage C:/path-to-your-own-dir

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@john Excellent, thanks for the detailed answer.