My dog is not a person - False alerts at night

Hey guys,

My Blue Iris system with Deepstack AI is giving false alerts of my dogs/puppies as a person.

I was hoping the new ANNKE NC800 with color night vision would eliminate false positives at night. As you can see in the enclosed image, my system sometimes still says my dog is a person.

Anyone have any experiences with this and was able to tweak their system? Do I just increase the probability? Or is there something fancier I can do?

Thank you

This used to happen to me sometimes. What are your AI settings for that camera at night?

The label says 72% person. Rise the recognition threshold.

Thanks you guys for your responses.

I’ve tried increasing the probability but sometimes for a brief moment it will still think one of my dogs is a person. Even up in the 80 percentile.

Any other ideas?

Yes, training your own better model.

The default models are trained mostly on stock/city images from what i know. Having a model trained with a data set of pictures exclusively from CCTV would probably give you better results.

Hi @droneguts , for night detections, you might find the DeepStack+ExDark custom model more accurate than the default detection model. The default detection model was trained on COCO dataset which composes of mostly day images.

DeepStack ExDark - Detect objects in dark/night images and videos - APIs - DeepStack Forum