Need Hardware consulting (PI / Jetson / Intel Neural Compute Stick 2)


What is the best option to run deepstack with a Home assistant?

  1. PI 8 GB running deepstack + HA
  2. PI 8 GB running HA connected to Intel Neural Compute Stick 2
  3. PI 8 GB running HA and deepstack running on Nvidia Jetson ?
  4. Nvidia Jetston running deepstack + HA
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@danik21 Thanks for this post. At the moment, only options 1,3 and 4 are supported/possible.

As per the best option; performance wise, option 3 is your best bet because

  • DeepStack achieves about 3-4fps on Jetson Nano depending on the endpoint and mode with which you are running it
  • Having HA in a separate Pi means less load is on the Jetson and Pi for the entire setup