New and somewhat confused

As one might expect, I am new to getting this up and running. I thought I had it going right but I think that is not the case. Maybe I’m just not understanding it properly.

So here is what I have.
Dell R620
Dual Xeon E5-2667 2.9ghz
32Gb Ram
Windows Server 2019
Deepstack windows install
BI latest version as of this morning
VORLONCD fork of AI Tool

With everything set up when motion is detected the alert that is shown in BI says Motion A, I have motion zones turned off. Even deleted the cam and started from scratch.
Motion a

I also get at least 2 cams that continue to record after an alert and then never stop because it keeps detecting parked cars. It don’t detect the parked cars till a car drives by. Shouldn’t it stop after the alert duration until it sees motion again? May be I have something set wrong? AI Tool is set at all default stuff except for Camera information and image directory as one might expect.

I tried to think of all the settings i should post, if I missed something please let me know.
( Well i tried to attach the settings images but I’m only allowed 1 image.


I’m guessing you setup a cloned camera? When they show external instead of Motion A it means they where triggered by the http call from AI Tools, when it shows Motion A as the source it means the Alerting camera detected the motion itself motion detection (Motion sensor in your first picture) should only be enabled on the cloned cameras and disabled on the main alerting camera to prevent that. Hope that makes sense.

OK. so i have to have cloned cameras then? I had seen a couple new videos that showed not having to have them. I can do cloned cameras not an issue.