New Deepstack Releases

How often will Deepstack for Windows be updated? 1.2.1 has been out for several months.

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At the start of the 2021, there were a lot of questions/comments about whether the Brothers Olafenwa has abandoned the project. But then, they came back with a fury and really moved it forward.

They’ve done great work for a volunteer operation, but in the end, as I understand it, they have real life priorities. I had hoped that the new tight integration with Blue Iris signaled a re-invigoration of Deepstack. We’ll see.


@CAL7 Thanks for the vey kind response. :blush:

@PaddyDHurley Thanks for raising this question. We are currently working some significant improvements to DeepStack w.r.t to performance and addresses a number of issues that affect the Windows versions. Within the next 6 weeks, we should have a new set of release for all the versions of DeepStack.

We will also be adding some new exciting features such as object tracking and modules for easy API integration with other systems.


Thanks!!! I believe deepstack is the best thing that has happened to AI for surveillance applications like Blue Iris. Incredible!



Looking forward to the new release.