Night Person Recognition

Hi guys,

I am using DeepStack AI with Blue Iris and AI tool for my home surveillance system with IP cameras. I have tried the object recognition (persons and cars) and works flawlessly at daytime.
However, at nightime all the processed images where a person appears are given as False alert. I tried to adjust contrast in camera and other settings in BI but didn’t suceed on having any actual alert at night.
I am using FOSCAM G4EP cameras with IR LEDs for up to 60 ft aprox.
Here you have some false alert images:

What could I do?
Thank you for your help!

It has detected a person, why is this detection a failure? Generally accuracy will be lower in night time images, so you may need to reduce your confidence threshold

@robmarkcole The rectangle in the posted image is blue iris motion detection bounded box.

@lvp2lvp Turn of the Highlight motion option and try again. I found that even though most of the times deepstack isn’t too bothered by it… i noticed it definitely reduces the detection rate (during day time)

Also remember the Blue Iris watermark influences the detection.
So you have 3 issues here

  • the highlighted bounded box
  • blue iris the water mark
  • its night time

You can try post processing techniques like Black and White captures and increasing contrast

Hi @ppumkin,

Thank you very much for your advice, will try your strategies (deleting bounded boxes and buying a license of BI).

I don’t know if there is an option in Blue Iris to post output trigger images in Black and White in order for deepstack to be easier to process or if I have to use a third party software to pre process the images. Any idea on this?

I think in BI you can set schedules and change the settings for night time.
I have not tried it my self but seen in their documentation they talk about this.
I am not sure if you can change contrast and other setting with schedules - there is a B&W option in BI too somewhere.
I use AI Tool to post images to DeepStack and then trigger back to BI as featured on the main page of DeepStack
If you know how to write code in C# you can download that and adjust the code your self

I have set up my surveillance system exactly following the video, using AI tools.
I have as well a schedule to change to night Black and white motion detector in Blue Iris, but my problem is related with AI recognition, not BI.
Annyway I will try your tips and tell you.
Unfortunately I am no familiar with C#