Performance benchmark


Could someone please list the hardware configuration and ubuntu/GPU configuration for benchmark comparison?

Did anyone find his/her GPU can run up to 100%?

I tested with Ubuntu 18.04 and viarious Nvidia 1070/1080/2080 for object detection. Eventually My GPU can only process up to 5-6 pictures per second. And the GPU can only work up to 20-30% utilization. That’s not economy compared to the cost of the graphic card.



Hello @JDU Thanks for your work on this. On desktop GPUs, the high mode could result in the situation you just described. However, you can run in the default medium or low mode for higher performance.


Hi John,

In order to get the most out of the GPU. I guess I have to use low end graphic card which can get 100% utilization?

Could you please elaborate what kind of hardware configuration which we can get up to 80-100% GPU utilization?