Quadro K600 Timeout Errors

I’m running deepstack to process some images from BlueIris using an Nvidia Quadro K600 on Windows 10. I am looking at the BlueIris logs, and it seems to be throwing an error 100 every time it gets an image. My understanding is that this error is due to a timeout.

I know it’s not the most performant card in the world, but shouldn’t it be capable of processing some images? I have BlueIris set to only send one image at a time for processing, but still can’t seem to get it to work. Is there anything else I should be trying?

Thanks in advance

if you are using the gpu version of deepstack, im 90% sure that your gpu is not supported (pytorch capability index too low), as i had similar issues with similar era graphics cards. you can check your deepstack logs to confirm. i’d try the cpu version if you haven’t already.

Yeah I tried the CPU version and it seemed to work fine. I guess that graphics card just doesn’t support that kind of workload very well.

tbf, the graphics card would probably still fair much better than a cpu, but it is just not supported by that version of pytorch. which is unfortunate