Rasberry Pi and positions of items reported wrong

I’ve set up a number of Raspberry Pi 4 with DeepStack as per the instructions:


but I’m finding that although it if finding items OK it is reporting them in the wrong positions. If the item is at the top of the image it showing it below and if its at the top its showing it above. The left and right seem OK.

Is this a bug in the Pi DeepStack?

I’m using the AITool software program https://ipcamtalk.com/threads/tool-tutorial-free-ai-person-detection-for-blue-iris.37330/https://python.deepstack.cc/raspberry-pi

If I use DeepStack on a normal W10 desktop with docker the positions are fine.

I have run into the same issue (I saw your post on ipcamtalk as well) and will be digging into it a little when I have time. My first hunch is going to be something to do with the resolution/desktop of the Pi.

I hope you can solve it as its a real shame. I tried all sorts and i dont seem to have installed it any differently to anyone else that has got it to work. I must have done at least 20 brand new installs and used 4 different PI’s and Intel sticks.

Just wondering if you’d had chance to look at it?

Sorry, no. I’ve been looking to move away from DeepStack and utilize a GPU on Windows instead. This feels like a deadend.

Hopefully not;