Raspberry PI - Update

Seems to have all gone quiet on the Rpi NCS 2 Beta. The Alpha still doesn’t seem to be working? Myself and other struggling to get past activation still? Any chance the activation can be removed and we can have a go with what is available already?

Any updates on the Beta version?

Some of us are really excited about this!


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We now have a new DeepStack version for Raspberry Pi + other ARM devices and it doesn’t require an activation key!. Check out the post linked below.

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is this new version compatible with ncs ?

No… It is not.

This is really really big!

I had to use a 64bit raspbian image - not convert a 32bit as suggested however just got it running and I’m really impressed!

I was originally making my own flask server for object detection on the NCS however this is returning object detections in a similar time and I’d say with decent accuracy so far. The fact this is a dicker container makes it so convenient!

This changes everything!

Thanks so much for producing this, some serious work must of gone into this and I think people are going to love it!



Hello @wonkydog, thank you for sharing your experience with this. We really appreciate your feedback.
What are the specs of your raspberry pi?

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It’s a RPI4 4GB Ram. Most detections I tried yesterday were in the region of 800ms. I was using the default settings, I have not tried the low or high settings yet but will probably take a look at some time and will try to report back.

Thanks again! It’s brilliant!

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