Registering custom model

Hello, I’ve been using Deepstack for about 2 months and it’s been doing very well.

I understood that it was free but when I try to register a custom model it says:

“premium subscription required”.

Please let me know what does it mean. If I go to upgrade it offers me subscriptions but what I see on the website is that the free version supports custom models.


Hello @mrpie, what version/tag of DeepStack are you on?

I’m sorry but how can I see what version I’m using? Tried looking at the server log and visiting localhost but didn’t found it.
I also tried to upgrade but didn’t get where should I run the update command, tried entering http://localhost/v1/vision/deepquestai/deepstack:latest and similars like http://localhost/deepquestai/deepstack:latest but didn’t work.

In case it helps, I downloaded deepstack server on September 29th

Hi, the versions of deepstack available as of September 29th are older versions. The new updates were released towards end of october.

Run this command from your terminal

docker pull deepquestai/deepstack:latest

Thanks for your help, but forgot to mention that I’m using Windows 10. Is there a way to do it without docker?
I was thinking on simply uninstalling and download the new version.

I uninstalled and downloaded deepstack again but it didn’t update, it’s still version 3.4.

You can remove your existing image with

In future please include system logs to help others understand what is going on.

Thanks for your help but I’m using windows 10 so I’m not running docker.
In other post I learned that the new version is not available for Windows yet.

The system log just said: "premium subscription required”.
And by system log I mean the black screen where you can see what deepstack is doing, how long a detection took, etc.


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Hi @mrpie, the Windows version has not been updated for a while, which is why you are getting the message to upgrade to premium when you try using the custom model APIs. However, we will be releasing a new update soon ( still an .exe ) that will also support NVIDIA GPU acceleration.


I’m very glad to know that. Thank you very much for all the work being put on Deepstack.