Segmantation fault error after installation


System: MacOs High Siera
Docker version: 18.09.2, build 6247962
Docker image: deepquestai/deepstack latest 69b1af64ef01

Getting Segmentation error while running the docker

./run: line 2: 31 Segmentation fault python3 /app/ &> /dev/null

Tried the NodeJs sample application also, not getting any response


Hello @sinumohan, what version of deepstack did you install, GPU or CPU ?


Has this been resolved? I get the same error in Ubuntu 18.04 w/o GPU support


Hello, we have made a number of updates since this issue, can you pull the latest images and run the test again?


Same issue on Ubuntu. Now trying to move to a simple Windows Pro version and I’ve exhausted use of the current activation key… How can it be reset?


To activate new installation of DeepStack, you should upgrade your key to a paid plan. See the pricing in the link below.