Setting up DeepStack on HomeAssistant

I had DeepStack running perfectly on my unraid box for a few months and then I needed to uninstall due to capacity issue on my cache. Since reinstalling I have never been able to get DeepStack running again.

I deleted the docker image and ran restarted everything fresh again.

While following the instructions I get to the command: curl -X POST -F image=@development/test-image3.jpg 'http://localhost:5000/v1/vision/detection'

And get the response: curl: (26) couldn't open file "development/test-image3.jpg"

Does anyone know how to resolve it? Other human detection apps are happily seeing local imagines and camera feeds on Home Assistant so I’m not sure why I am getting caught up.

Any assistance is much appreciated.

Hello @calypso , this seems to be an issue with home assistant on your system.
@robmarkcole any ideas why this happens?

I have chatted to @robmarkcole, no luck unfortunately. Ill try load the docker container on a seperate VM and see if the issue continues.