Simple Idea to Improve AI

This is a simple idea that takes care of things like chickens and small dogs being mistaken for a person at 80+% confidence. Chickens in my backyard are constantly being mistaken for people at a 80+% confidence. My Chihuahua was mistaken today at 82%. There is an easy fix to this. Because these animals are greatly shorter than people, the AI algorithm could take the height of the object into consideration. Nearly 100% of cameras are going to have a perspective where things at the bottom of the image are closer than things at the top of the image. Either through some user input or AI, Deepstack could have an understanding of the distance of objects as they go from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen. User input could work by a user tagging spots on the image & typing in the distance. AI could figure it out by taking educated guesses as it identifies objects of known size at very high confidence levels (ie 97+%) and estimates the distance as it discovers the objects at different places in the image. Three known distances in an image would probably be enough to make calculations that can tell the difference between 5 feet and 12 inches. Even though people vary in size, the AI could use 5’ to get it close enough to tell the difference between a person and an animal that is 12 inches tall. If the AI suspects it has identified a person it would not take long to estimate the identified objects height based on where it’s at in the picture. This would cut down on crazy mistakes like a 10" high dog being mistaken for a person.