State of GPU use in Windows/Animal Object Definitions

OK, I’ve read about 80% of the posts on these forums and haven’t found a simple explanation of the current state of GPU usage on a Windows 10 machine. Is it possible to use the GPU on Windows from Docker or a Linux VM?

If I’m going to invest in a new video card I’d like some feedback regarding what current/reasonably priced card people have found that work well for GPU processing.

Also, I’ve read in various places that native GPU use on Windows is being worked on. Is there an ETA for that feature.

On a completely different topic is anyone working on new object definitions for animals outdoors? I would specifically like to identify Deer/Elk/Bears/Cougar/Bobcat. Deer and elk because they keep eating up our landscaping. Bear because they tend to destroy things, and Cougar because they then to eat pets. It would be nice to be able to turn on lights when they are identified…

It’s surprising that it detects Elephants and Giraffe but not more common animals like deer/elk, rabbits, fox, etc

We have 21 cameras on our rural property and our land is swarmed with deer, jack rabbits, red fox, bobcats, etc, so using DeepStack is just not an option for us unless we have a herd of stampeding Elephants running across the land.

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@jbardi thanks for the comments. DeepStack’s object detection API can detect only the list of objects listed in the page linked below.

However, it is possible for you to create a new detection API to detect the list of animals you mentioned (or any other object you desire ) by creating and deploying a custom model as detailed in the guide linked below.

You can follow the instructions in this tutorial as well.